is a Transaction Monitoring platform that makes it easy to comply with the strictest 

Anti Money Laundering Regulations

See how Clarus visualizes, simplifies and automates your compliance processes with our online demo

Clarus makes it easy to identify, investigate and report suspicious activity

Easily manage your pipeline

Our intuitive interface allows you to instantly know and update the status of every alert

Schedule and document everything

Use our task scheduler and automatic documentation to keep track of everything you have and plan to do

Get better insights

Suspicious activity is visualized and detailed, helping you see the full picture

By utilizing a variety of industry specific rules and detection strategies you ensure that no violation goes unnoticed

Maximize your coverage

A high quality AML Compliance solution doesn't just reduce the risk of fines, it serves as a business enabler that opens you up to new markets and partnerships

What sets us apart?

Compliance Knowledge

With industry specific rules, industry accepted procedures and alert level tips and insights, Clarus has over 30 years of compliance experience built into the platform

Ease of use

Our user friendly interface, quick and painless on-boarding and the dedicated account management, make managing your compliance much more manageable

Flexible Pricing


  • no licensing fee

  • no setup costs

  • no long term commitment 

  • Pay per transaction  

The only risk is the one your avoiding

Transaction Monitoring is the most labor intensive element of AML Compliance.

With Clarus it doesn't have to be, thanks to:

API Connectivity

Automatic Report Generator

Trend detection

Real time rule creation

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself